COMBO 1 Light & Small/Plus

Here is the latest born in the ACUNTO house, designed to meet the needs of pizza- makers with mobile exercises, light but powerful like the older brothers, capable of sustaining a continuous job in all conditions,
the combination of gas / wood makes it unique, does not need flue in an open environment, is suitable in all conditions even the most adverse, you can watch demonstrations of cooking and operation in place, in addition to the pizza cooks beautifully from bread to courses of baked pasta, meat, fish etc ..



The two models are built with the same technique, materials and principles, however in the light version we have added few modifications in the structure in order to minimize the amount of materials but keeping an hi efficiency of the performance

COMBO 1 Light & Small 
Internal Dimension : 60x60 cm
External Dimension: 79x82 cm
Special Price: 2.200 €
Data sheet
COMBO 1 Light & Small Plus 
Internal Dimension : 60x80 cm
External Dimension: 79x97 cm
Special Price: 2.600 €
Data sheet