(Italiano) Video Dimostrativo Combo


What did you see ? simple! In a “COMBO 5” oven you saw the “TRADIZIONALE NAPOLETANA” pizza cook. In reality, many things have happened that we want to share with you.

The flame emitted in the oven is horizontal, it can invest wood and combine, or go alone (gas only). Touching the bricks with inclined wall, it determines a vortex constantly projected downwards, bringing direct heat onto the cooking surface, improving its yield and helping to keep it clean from any traces of flour.


The pizzas should be placed on the top starting from the bottom, where the consistency of the flame ends, then move to the right hand side (making room for the new ones on arrival), until the exit from the oven when cooked. the continuous displacement of the pizzas improves the cooking, spreading the water content on the entire surface, oxygenating the part below, as the floor itself and allowing the vortex of heat to be inserted at each movement between the pizza and the cooking surface.

Now you can proceed to the speed that is considered most responsive to the subjective timing requirements, considering that a medium-sized COMBO suitably conducted potentially cooks 80/120 pizzas “now” in continuous operation (a pizza cooks in 60/80 seconds).

Good job .

Acunto Staff